MT Sarah SOTA operation VK3/VE-032

As part of a camping trip into Wonnangatta Station I decided to take the opportunity to activate a couple of summits. The first one being Mt Sarah.

The journey from Wannongatta to Mt Sarah took about 2.5 hours which was about 1 hour longer than I estimated, but we got there in the end.

Myself , Robbie VK3EK , His wife Didith and George VK3GWK all made it to the top of Mt Sarah. It was an easy climb from Tea Tree Range track up to the top as there is a vehicle track all the way up.

The top of Mt Sarah is a grassy clearing surrounded by a ring of dead trees (just the thing to hang antennas from).

VK3XL SOTA from Mt Sarah

My setup was a FT817ND running from a 5Ah Gel cell and an end fed half wave dipole for 40. I have a 9:1 unun and a small L match that I use to make the rig happy with the high impedance load.


Robbie VK3EK also operated his first SOTA activation from here as well

VK3XL and VK3EK Sota Mt Sarah

Thanks to the 17 chasers I managed to work from Mt Sarah and those who stuck around to work Robbie for his first SOTA activation

While we were on top of Mt Sarah I checked the SOTA finder app I have on my android phone and noted that there was another summit near by. It turned out to be what is known as the Heliport about 4.5km south of Mt Sarah. (VK3/VT-023).So we set off to see if we could find it. After overshooting the turn off we back tracked thanks to SOTA finder app alerting us to our lack of navigation skills.

The walk up to the heliport is quite easy as there is a fairly good 4WD track up from the turn off. We parked the cars and headead off. The weather was closing in and we had to be quick if we didnt want to get wet.



DSC01775 DSC01774 DSC01778 DSC01773

1. The setup at VK3/VT-023

2. Me operating from VK3/VT023

3. Robbie VK3EK operating from his second Sota

4. Just before it started raining


Well from the look of the sky in the 4th photo you wouldn’t think the weather was too bad, but not long after that was taken the heavens opened and I still had a few chasers calling me, so with the aide of George (VK3GWK) holding a coat over my head to shelter me and the rig from the rain we managed to work them all. 12 stations in 10 minutes. Thanks to all the chasers for making it all worth while.




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